I love to eat Love to Eat More Than You Want To Lose Weight?  7 Mind set Tips

Love to Eat?

You know I was thinking today- it’s really simple why it’s so hard for most of us to lose weight.  Basically, we love to eat!

More than eating to live, we associate pleasure and enjoyment with eating.  From a young age, we are conditioned to associate food with pleasure.  We eat cake and ice-cream at birthday parties.  We trick or treat for bags of candy.  We get goodies from Santa and the Easter bunny.  We enjoy pizza with friends at sleep-overs.  We meet friends and dates at restaurants.  We celebrate every American holiday with a bounty of home made goodies.

So it’s no wonder, it’s so hard to lose weight.  Truth is, most of the time- the desire to eat is greater in us than the desire to lose weight.

Which is fine and dandy if we don’t have any weight to lose.  But it creates a struggle of the pain (of being overweight) vs the pleasure (of eating).

And the only way to overcome the odds against us is when the desire to lose becomes much stronger than the desire to eat.  When your  reason “why” becomes stronger than anything else.

We all know how to lose weight.  I could cater a diet to any individual that would guarantee weight loss to anyone who followed it.

I could lose any amount of weight on just about any of dozens of different types of diets at any time I want.

Truth, is most of the time- I don’t want to.  I’d rather eat.

Every time I’ve got into the best shape of my life I’ve had a “burning why” that faded out the voices in my pleasure center.

Timing is different for everyone.  And sometimes we are not ready for change.  Because change is necessary.  And change is not comfortable.  And staying the same is comfortable.

The number one determining factor in your weight loss success is Mind-set.  Without the mind-set to succeed you will certainly fail.

How to you obtain the “mind-set to lose weight”?

There’s no one magic answer.  Only you can define your “why” but here are a few simple tips that might help you get there.

1.) Define your Weight-Loss Goal.  Put pen to paper.  Be precise.  If your goal is to to lose 10lbs of fat and gain 1 lb of muscle- put a timeline on it.  Example. I want to lose 10lb in 6 weeks and go fro 140lbs to 130lb before my cruise in August.  Now you have a visual, and a time-frame which helps you devise your plan.

2.) Take A Get Started Photo- Documentation beats conversation every time.  A photo will give you a starting point and help you accurately track your progress.  Being able to see positive visible changes over time will further motivate you, keep you focused and keep you more accountable.  Take it a step further and take measurements to compare against your results each week.

3.) Make a List of your Why’s- Write them down and visualize them.  Visualize how you’ll feel being at your lighter weight looking hot and sexy on your cruise in 6 weeks.  Think about how you’ll look in that sexy black dress on the dance floor.  Visualize how much energy you’ll have running on the beach or playing with your kids.

4.) Put Together a Plan of Action- And follow it!  You’ve got all the elements to succeed now.  10lbs in 6 weeks means you have to lose close to 2 lbs a week.  That means you will have to cut your calories by 500 a day and increase your exercise.  If you normally eat 2000 calories, shoot for 1500.  Write everything down.  Make a meal plan to fit that goal in advance.  6 meals of 250 calories.  5 meals of 300 calories.  3 meals of 500 calories.  You decide.  You devise a plan you can live with.

5.) Post your goal, your why’s and your plan where you can see it everyday.  Put it flat dab on the center of your refrigerator or on your bedroom mirror.  Put it somewhere you can see it everyday- and review it every morning.

6.) Positive Reinforcement  Visualize yourself being successful, following through with your goals.  Visualize that you are unstoppable, a force of nature, nondefeatable.Visualize that you are already successful in reaching your goal and it will become a foregone conclusion.

7.) Get a Diet Buddy  It’s a lot easy to be more accountable and be much less miserable if you have a gung-ho buddy to go along with you for the ride!

Hope that helps!  These are the tips that have helped me over and over again.  Hope they help you too!

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