plant strong sushi Guide to Making Plant Strong Sushi

Plant Strong Sushi

Is Plant Strong the Way to Go?

I’ve long taken advantage of the very well documented benefits received from the long list of anti-oxitants, vitamins, minerals and photo-nutrients found exclusively in plant based fruits and vegetables.

I’ll elaborate on my thoughts in another blog but there is real evidence of a reversal of heart disease/coronary artery disease that has been documented with an exclusively plant based diet.

In my exploration of the plant strong diet- I found sound very delicious looking recipes in the engine 2 diet blog- which was created by Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn’s son.  You should definitely check them out!

Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn has a long body of reseach and clinical experience to support a reversal of heart disease with a plant based diet.

Do you like sushi?

I personally love sushi.  Of course, I’ve never tried to make it.  I came across a plant strong recipe on  the engine 2 diet site and looked so good I thought I’d pass it.

Regardless of your views on diet and nutrition- and my evolving thoughts I’ll share later I think you’ll enjoy making your own healthy plant strong sushi.  I can’t wait to try it.  And for you to try it and tell me what you think.

Guide to making plant-strong sushi.

December 1, 2011

 Guide to Making Plant Strong Sushi

One of our favorite meals is plant-strong sushi. It is healthy, really easy to make (once you get the hang of it) and is a great meal for friends and family who might be wary of eating anything plant-strong. This is also a great meal for kids to learn to make, just have the veggies, brown rice and nori ready to go and let them make their own sushi!

 Guide to Making Plant Strong Sushi

What you need:

Bamboo Mats (you can get these at any grocery store)

Plastic wrap

Brown Rice (short grain)

Nori sheets (or seaweed sheets)

Rice Vinegar

Veggies! – We like using mushrooms, peppers, avocado, sweet potato, cucumber, asparagus, carrot. It’s best to cut them legnth wise and thin. We also put raw kale (chopped up) in our sushi. You can use any combination of vegetable that you like.


Low sodium soy sauce.

Step 1 Cook your rice! Use short grain brown rice, wash it well, and add a little bit more water than the instructions call for and cook till it’s really done (all the water out) to make it more sticky.

Step 2: Cool the rice. Transfer rice to a non reactive bowl (glass or wood)

Step 3: Add rice vinegar. We pour the vinegar slowly over a large base wooden spoon, be sure to try and spread it out evenly. You do not need a lot of rice vinegar, just enough to cover the top of the rice lightly.

Step 4: Mix well with wooden spoon.

Step 5: Cover bamboo mat with plastic wrap.

Step 6: Cut and place nori sheet on mat, putting the shiny side up (some people toast their nori first). The nori should be about 7 inches by 3- 4 inches. This usually means you are cutting about 2 inches off the top. Save this for hand rolls.

Step 7: Spread rice over nori – we use our hands for this, because it’s easier. When you use your hands, put a little rice vinegar on your hands.

Step 8: Place your ingredients, in 1 single strip across the middle of the nori sheet with rice. Don’t use too much. It is best to use three ingredients.

*You can also make these rice side up, simply flip the nori sheet with rice over.

Step 9: Roll your sushi! Fold the bamboo mat over the ingredients and tightly roll the sushi.

Step 10: Remove roll from bamboo matt and cut with a SHARP knife! Serve with low sodium soy sauce, wasabi and ginger!

Step 11: EAT!

Try it- and Let me know what you think!  If you like this- Please SHARE, LIKE and PASS ON!

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