Hi, I sincerely welcome you to my site.  My name is Faraday Hosseini and I’ve been passionate about fitness all my life- even before I knew what fitness was!  As soon as I could walk practically I was in gymnastics, tap, jazz and ballet.  Before I knew what a calorie was  I was riding bikes, playing football, soccer, tag, soft-ball after school.  My first introduction to “aerobics” was in high school when the 20 minute work-out aired 5 days a week along with the popularity of the Jane Fonda work-out.  Th 20 minute work-out became a before school obsession for me that has really lasted a life-time, just evolved.  My freshman year of college and I fell in love with the beautiful sculpted bodies of Rachel Mclish and Corey Everson and I found a new love in weight training.  I was so enthusiastic about body-building I traveled to Los angeles Every summer to attend Body-building camp with the stars.  I trained with 8time Mr Olympia Lee Haney, 6times Ms. Olympia Corey Everson, Olympia top placer Gary Strydom, Berry DeMey, Lee Labrada, Bob Paris- among many others.  I religiously followed the body-building diet and life style and always had plans to compete, but never felt I had adequate muscle to come up against much more muscular women.  But I loved the way weight-training made my body look and I was hooked for a life-time.  So many years later- I’m just as passionate and still have a goal to compete in a fitness show.  I wanted to form a site to share my enthusiasm, my knowledge, to help spread enthusiasm for being fit and healthy and reaching for your goals no matter your age.