Chris Powell1 What is the  Vemma Bode 12 week Transformation Plan??

I’ve always been big fan of  Vemma’s hit energy drink Verve.   This January Vemma  launched an exciting  new all inclusive weight loss program and product line.  The Bode products  include Bode Burn- to super-charge your metabolism, increase your energy,  suppress your appetite and give you you maximum nutritional and protein support .  The other key players include Bode Cleanse and Bode Rest.  See my quick excited description of the program watch?v=2AqZYE32JvE

The revolutionary products alone  support  healthy weight loss but what impresses me the most is that Vemma approached weight loss with a practical approach that is  lacking in almost all nutritional mlm companies out there.  Vemma actually gives you a plan to follow for success- and the  guidance  and ongoing support that is needed for long term success.  Sadly, most people are not educated of what makes for healthy food choices and healthy weight loss.  Most people understand that you need to cut back- so they try to starve themselves or just replace meals with shakes- which usually leads to greater weight gain in the end because they never learned how to mange their eating habits in a way that was sustainable.

The Vemma Bod•ē 12-Week Transformation Plan is an innovative total eating plan that, when used in conjunction with the Vemma Bod•ē products, is designed to create considerable results in body transformation.  The plan was devised by renowned trainer and nutritionist Tracie Powell.  I’d say the plan is similar to what professional fitness athletes already use to maintain year round good body conditioning.  It utilizes a well known and effective technique called carb cycling.  It also instills the habit of eating smaller meals more often to support results, thus giving you a satisfied feeling, instead of hunger or deprivation.  It’s a plan that teaches you to manage your meals with real food!

Each food cycle is seven days, which serves as a milestone that you can commit to and achieve, while offering flexibility to eat an array of foods you enjoy eating. Variety makes all the difference for your body transformation, because you begin to focus on eating smart proteins with smart carbohydrates to boost muscle and keep your metabolism in high gear. Plus you even get to indulge once in a while!  I’ve include a link that walks you through the daily plan and shows how easy it is to follow.

Add to that daily texts every 3 hours from Heidi reminding you when, what and how much to eat to reach your goal and I’d say you have a formula for success.  Chris Powell of Extreme Weight-Loss Make-Overs and Dr. oz both endorse Vemma and the new Bode Transformation Plan.  And I’d have to say I agree with Dr. Oz when he says “Vemma just made weight loss easier!”  So why don’t you join me on The Bode 12 Week Transformation Challenge?  Just go to my site , click on the Chris Powell Bode link and The 12 week  Challenge  link, and choose a Bode Burn pack to start!