Heidi powell 21  Feedback  1 Week into the Vemma Bode 90 Day Challenge

Are you Ready for the Vemma Bode 90 Day Challenge?

I committed to the Vemma Bode 90 Day Transformation Challenge a whole week ago and I’m finally getting into the swing of it.  I’m down 3 lbs today.  So I wanted to give you some feedback.

During the holiday season- or more like the last 6 months- I let my weight steadily creep up.  Despite daily exercise- my weight climbed from 130lbs to 140lbs which isn’t extremely over-weight- but as my mom says, “You don’t look bad, but you’re carrying  more than you need in places you don’t need it.”  So that’s honesty coming from a mom.   But I didn’t need her to tell me because I could pinch the new inches.  And the worst part was that more weight went straight to my belly than I’ve ever experienced before.  Ten lbs doesn’t sound like a lot, but boy does it make a huge difference on your knees doing high impact aerobics!  I could not do the high impact jogging and jumping jacks etc and when I did- I was paying the price the next day.   To be honest, I  don’t feel as friendly when I’m out of shape.  And finally, I couldn’t wear cute little gym outfits or form-fitting dresses I enjoy wearing!

So the timing couldn’t have been better for me that Vemma came out with the new Vemma Bode Weight-Loss  line.  The timing was perfect for Vemma  to come out with the Vemma Bode 90 Day Transformation Challenge headed by Chris Powell of Extreme Make-over Weight Loss Edition and supported by a sensible carb-cycling diet plan and your personal Bode-Trainer designed by renowned fitness trainer Heidi Powell to personally coach you through-out the whole 90 days with videos and texts sent to your phone daily.

Now I’ve lost weight many times over the years- but I’ve never committed to a 90 day challenge.  The challenge idea excited me.  The idea that I could challenge myself and  inspire others to take charge of their health and fitness seemed like an important cause to take up.  Plus to be honest- I liked the idea that I might be able to win $100,000 in cash and prizes for getting back in shape.  Truth be told, I havn’t been able to stick to a diet for more than a week in the last decade so I needed the added incentive to follow-through.

My mom was the first person who told me my videos inspired her to start the 90-day challenge.   In one week, she’s down 5lbs.   Dave is down 5 lbs.   My aunt is down 3 lbs.   That’s makes me feel good because it’s the first time they have really committed to their diet in a long while.

The Vemma Bode 90 Day Challenge plan I’m following is simple.  I take a Vemma Bode Burn once a day and a Bode Rest at night.  I’m also take the Bode Cleanse for 7 days of the month.  They provide all the protein, vitamins and nutrients to optimize fat-burning, metabolism and energy and recovery and they taste great.

Plus I’m following the Vemma 7 Day Carb-Cycling plan devised by Heidi Powell or at least modeling it.  I’m not perfect so I have not  followed it to a T.   I’m not precise on timing my meals but I can follow  5 meals a day with a portion of protein, healthy fats, and unlimited vegetables for low-carb days.  (actually my low-carb days are nothing close to low-carb with the volume of veggies I eat!)  I can get filled up on that!  Every 3rd day I get 5 meals with a portion of protein, a portion of carbohydrates, and unlimited vegetables.  The 7th day is a cheat day.  So it’s an easy but effective plan to follow that won’t make you feel deprived or starved.

I’m so encouraged by my healthy 3lb weight loss that I don’t even want a cheat day this week.  I’ve had enough of those over the last 6 months!  Maybe an extra thick chocolatey protein shake before bed!  I will keep you posted!  For more information on the Vemma Bode Products, Bode Trainer, and Heidi Powell 7 day carb-cycling diet you can visit  http://www.bodegonewild.com