I’ve been working out in some form or fashion all my life- even before working out became popular, although we called it gymnastics, tag, football, soccer, baseball back then, didn’t we?  In high-school I started doing “the 20 minute workouts”  which was my introduction to aerobics and once I went to college became introduced to weight-training.  My work-outs have varied somewhat throughout the years- but have always have had weight-training and aerobics in common.  I wanted to write a quick blog as a record of my current training, diet and goals.

My fitness goals have stayed pretty steady through-out the years.  Common themes have been building muscle, losing fat, increasing endurance and strength and improving my body aesthetics.  I’ve always had in the back of my mind the idea of competing in a show to celebrate my love of fitness, but seems other things always got prioritized above it.  I really thought I wanted to try a show this year, but seems I wanted  my vacations more.  And eating on vacation too!  And eating in general.  I love having  strong work-outs and the more I eat, the better, the stronger, the longer my work-outs are and the better I feel.  I hate reducing calories.  I hate eliminating carbs.  I hate the idea of having so much structure in my eating plan for such a  long a period of time.  I hate being overly strict with myself and my eating.

So it all boils down to if I really want it enough.  And so I’m not sure yet.  It’s definitely a big commitment.  So, we’ll see.  But I’ll set a new goal for next year and really do it this time.

Currently, I’ve been really enjoying my work-outs.  I’ve had tons of energy and endurance and putting it to good use with a lot of new metabolic conditioning classes.  Our gym has launched so many great new classes that combine not only high intensity cardio but also a lot of muscle work with weights, bands and balls and high intensity interval training.  So much so- that I’ve really had to do some shuffling with my weight work-outs so as not to over-train.  Which I probably am anyway.  I still make sure to fit in one heavy back and shoulder work-out and one heavy leg work-out each week.  I really don’t feel any need any additional chest, bicep and tri-cep work with all the weight work-out in the classes.  I was making these work-outs metabolic work-outs where I incorporate strength moves with complex multiple muscle movements and super-sets.  But sometimes with all the classes- I need to just focus on keeping maximum strength and just go as heavy as I can with straight sets.   I bike 20 miles most days of the week too but I consider that more recreational because I usually don’t push it to high intensity.

Overall, I’m happy with my level of musculature.  I really don’t need bigger muscles.  I’d just like to maintain what Ive got as I start to peel off the extra vacation pounds I can’t seem to get motivated to lose.

My diet has primarily high proteins and high veggies and medium fat for a long time.  But my calories are high- usually in the range of 2500.  Recently I started tracking and concluded my calories were hitting closer to 3000.  So that answered the question of why I wasn’t losing any weight with all the working out.   It’s very easy for me to go over-board with nuts or peanut butter if it’s around and I  can add a lot of calories to my totals with my protein shakes by the time I add a few things to it or eat a whole quart of yogurt.  I do indulge once in awhile and have a big sweet tooth.  And I eat late into the middle of the night which is just a habit I’m in for the last 20 years.  I’m always happy with my body whether I’m 125 or 135 but right now I’m more like 135- and I feel 130 is a more attractive weight on me and a more comfortable weight for my work-outs.

So what better place than to commit now on my blog?  I’m committing to getting back to 130 before the holidays, and keeping the work-outs going strong and long.  Maybe a competition next year.  How bout you?