Mixed nuts Will Power is Ridiculous!  Stay away from Dominos Foods!Maybe  there is something to this “will-power thing” in some people’s world.  I wouldn’t know.  I don’t have any!  At least when it comes to my favorite sweet or salty foods being readily available and in front of my face.  Maybe some folks can have a little portion of cake or cookies or nuts or pizza and have it sit around the house.  That’s not me.  Those foods don’t stand a chance overnight with me!

The only rule of portion control I follow is stay away from any foods that require it.  That’s why I love my proteins and vast volumes of veggies.  I can eat as many plates as I can shovel in and fill my belly to the brim- and never have to worry about how many calories I consumed.   Well, not unless I need to take off a few pounds.  Then there’s no “free lunch”.

The best advice I can offer anyone trying to shape up and lose a few pounds is check your will power at the door.  The only will power you should rely on is not buying “domino” foods in the first place!  Domino foods are foods that you can not eat a small amount of, like nuts for me, before they domino into more and more!  I love my nuts.  I cave when I go to Sam’s Club and buy the 2 and 3 lb jars of nuts.   But nuts are a “domino food” for me.  I start with a few and I finish with a pound or two.  If you are one of these freak people who can eat 5 or 10 or 20 nuts and stop, then I don’t want to hear about it.  Why not cut your will-power some slack and go easy on yourself.  Don’t buy the domino foods in the first place!

“Trigger” foods are not much different and shouldn’t have a spot in your pantry or fridge either.  We all have different trigger foods which “trigger” more eating.  For me, that’s anything sweet and “dessert like”.  I’ve got a major sweet tooth and will literally not stop eating something sweet until it’s gone.  It’s like a drug for me.  I would not think of trying to rely on will-power.  My family have often joked that this dessert or the ice cream will be gone in the morning because they know “the late night muncher” will strike in middle of the night.  The heck with will power!  I can’t even eat small amount of yogurts and protein shakes and bars- but at least those don’t result in the calorie disasters of an entire pie or box of girl scout cookies!

So word to the wise, if you’re likely to over-eat it, just don’t buy it in the first place!  Will power is over-rated and only sets you up to fail.  You don’t need will-power if it’s not around.  And if you’re one of those will-power freaks who can keep cookies in your house all week- Well, don’t tell me about it!!