We all want to stay fit and healthy.  We all want to look and feel youthful.  Scientists have been consumed with anti-aging and life-extension for decades.  I remember reading Sandy Shaw and Durk Pearson’s best selling book Life Extension 20 years ago with fascination.  Their book was probably the most comprehensive body of research to that date on the subject- and led rise to the highly popular Life Extension product line that created fortunes for many individuals including my husband Dave and many friends that I have to this day.

Today the interest in anti-aging and life-extension is strong as ever and many new patented products and extracts are gaining international attention as the rising stars of anti-aging.  Much concentration   has been focused in the area of stem cell regeneration and dna repair and an extract  that has emerged on the world stage as a stem cel regeneration/dna repair heavyweight is AC-11.

What is AC-11?   AC-11® is a natural botanical extract that helps repair cellular damage. There have been 40 clinical studies which have documented that AC-11® helps restore the body’s ability to repair DNA, and inhibits future damage to cellular systems.

What AC11 applications are currently out there?

AC-11 is a revolutionary advancement in human nutrition and skin care. Derived from the inner bark of Uncaria tomentosa, a vine indigenous to the Amazon rainforest, safe, all-natural AC-11 helps the body to repair DNA damage. The process by which this repair occurs is self-healing and has evolutionary origins. Its proper functioning may be the critical piece to the human health puzzle. Current science confirms that it is unrepaired DNA damage that leads to accelerated aging and an eventual breakdown of the body.

Effective both orally and topically, AC-11 begins where the protective benefits of antioxidants end by visibly reducing the adverse effects of aging and by helping to restore healthy cell function. Supported by over 40 peer-reviewed scientific studies, AC-11 works with the body to repair DNA damage caused by over-exposure to the sun and oxidative stress (pollution, etc,). This action helps boost immune function and allows our bodies to perform more efficiently, so that we look and feel younger—a perfect solution for inner health and outer beauty!  To find out more about AC-11 Click here.

Two promising products I have recently started using with

DNA Repair Skin Care 217x300 Is AC 11 the Secret to the Fountain of Youth?

AC-11 DNA Repair Skin-Care

AC11  are produced through Bhip International.  They include Bhip’s Liquid Aio and their Activar Day and Night cream and so far I’m very pleased with how my skin is looking.  I really think the skin under my eyes looks firmer and smoother and have been spending most time with no foundation make-up.

Bhip  just launched a great promotion for customers that is pretty unheard of and such a great deal that I had to share with you.  For a limited time, the company is offering $250 worth of AC11 products including the day cream, night cream, and liquid nutritional with a double dose of Ac11 for $50.  That offer includes the tax and shipping.  They are so positive that people will be so pleased with the results that they are offering a 60 day money back guarantee- even if you return the containers empty!  In addition to that, they are sweetening the offer even more- by giving customers a chance to get their product FREE every month.  When you refers 3 friends to the same great offer- you get your products for free.  To find out more about Bhip Ac11 products and the Dare to Be Exceptional Challenge Click Here.

I don’t spend lots of money on cars and jewelry and expensive clothing- but I don’t skimp when it comes to my health, nutrition and skin-care.  You shouldn’t either.