If you’ve been following my blogs, you know I reached my weight “tipping point” four days ago, the point where I get serious about my diet before I “tip” into the 140′s.  Well, I got to work watching my diet  four days ago when I hit 139.4 and  this morning, five days later, I weighed in at 131.  That’s eight and a half pounds in five days.  That’s pretty rapid for sure!  I’m going to share what I did and then give you a few tips for rapid weight loss.

First of all, I don’t advocate rapid weight loss.  The safest and most effective weight loss is gradual and a result of modest reduction in calories and modest increase in exercise.  However, rapid weight loss often occurs when someone first changes their diet, especially if it involves a reduction in carbohydrates and/or increase in protein.  I’m under no illusions that I just lost six pounds of fat.  I wish.  Fat doesn’t generally disappear that quickly.  There’s water loss too.  Still, I can definitely tell a difference in my face and waist and “persian belly” .  And I definitely look and feel 100% better and am out of the big t-shirts and back in fitted gym wear.

What I do is not necessarily what I recommend for everybody else.  Everybody’s bodies, metabolisms, eating habits, exercise habits, preferences, schedules and goals are different and need to be to be taken into account when planning a diet program.  But I’ll share what I did and give a few general tips for rapid weight loss.

When I saw 139.4 on the scale I wanted to move it back fast.  I became even more motivated when at the end of the evening, after all my eating for the day, I  weighed in at 145lbs!   So I decided to do something I never do.  Drastic reduction in calories!   I figured I would only have to do it a few days to be back to my normal weight and wouldn’t do it long enough to affect my metabolism.  Originally,  I made a plan of 1200 calories and including three meals of egg-whites omelettes and lots of veggies with some fats from oils.  I have no eaten so low calories in decades but amazingly I was not hungry and my energy levels were extremely high.  The calorie reduction for two days had no negative impact on my work-outs.

After two days of sticking with the 1200 calorie plan my weight was back to 135.2 (which was really too fast) so I decided I could adjust and add back some calories and increase the fat intake.

The third day I added a forth meal but kept the make-up closely the same.  I did include a few yolks for added fat and was  more generous with the veggies and the oils.  By the end of the evening I was closer to 1500 calories but I was feeling fatigued by afternoon.  I had a great work-out in the morning but I didn’t have the energy for a second work-out.  My muscles were sore.  My joints felt achy.  By 11pm I got into the cocoa covered almonds.  So add 4 ounces of nuts for an extra 600 calories.  Daily total 2100 calories.

On day four I weighed in at 135.  I had a great morning step class and leg work-out and a strong bike ride in the afternoon.  I stuck to the plan of 4 meals of egg and egg-white ommelettes with lots of veggies.  My fats included oils, egg yolks and added one avocado.    By evening I missed my sweet treats so added two cups of cottage cheese with splenda.  Yum! Daily total 1600 calories.

Morning of day five I woke up weighing 133!  I did morning body pump and cxworks but my energy and strength was low and no desire to do an afternoon bike ride in the cold.  Still stuck to the same plan- added a couple ounces of almonds.  Calorie total 1400

Morning of day six- woke up at 131! That’s it!

My Tips for Rapid Weight Loss

1) Increase your protein and make sure you include it with every meal.  There is sometime about timed doses of protein that makes you lose faster.

2.) Decrease carbohydrates except for high fiber veggies.  The more carbohydrates you eliminate the faster you will lose however I make sure to include lots of veggies for energy.   The less active you are, the more carbohydrates you can get away with cutting.  Remember this is temporary!

3.) With much lower carbs, increase your fat intake.  This might not make sense but you can’t subsist on an all protein diet.   With the much lower carbohydrates, fat will not make you fat .   Fat will make you feel fuller and actually aid in faster fat loss.  Studies show a high fat low-carb diet results in greater fat loss than an equal number of calories eaten in an all protein diet or all carb diet, or even than in  total fast. For fastest weight loss you still need to keep track of the total calories so don’t go too crazy!

4.) Cut calories!  The more you cut the more you will lose but don’t do it long or your body will adjust quickly.  The best way to cut the most calories without slowing your metabolism or affecting your energy levels is stagger the low and high calorie days.  The high calorie days will replenish your glycogen  and reset your fat-burning hormones.  This is why many low carb diets include a re-feed once a week or a cheat day where anything is allowed.

5) Write it down.  I believe the act of writing it down alone will result in greater adherence and faster weight-loss.

6.) Eat the same meals over and over.  I find the less choices and the more similar the meals, the better you will follow and the faster you will lose.  The more variety, the much easier not to follow your plan.

These tips are pretty well known for rapid fat loss.  Remember though, you don’t have to lose it fast!  I’m close to my goal so my low calorie and low carb days are about done.   I know that we want  it off fast sometimes.  If that’s your goal though, I hope this helps.